How to choose the immersion steam heating muffler

How to choose the immersion steam heating muffler

I. Immersion steam heating muffler model specification Description: HJ-1-23

1 indicates the caliber;
2 indicates material; Z cast steel, G carbon steel, S stainless steel.
3 indicates the connection method; S wire connection method, F flange connection mode.
Second, the type performance parameters of the submerged steam heating muffler

Note: Hot water production is heated from 15 ° C to 65 ° C
Third, the selection parameters of the immersion steam heating muffler 1 according to the steam pressure and the diameter of the steam pipe, for example: the customer said that his steam pressure is only 0.1-0.2MPa, the steam pipe is DN50, according to the model performance parameter table can be directly selected 1 Taiwan HJ-50;
2 According to the actual required steam consumption, for example, 450kg/h of steam is now used for heating. The reference parameter table can also be used for one HJ-50. The steam consumption can be calculated by the following formula (1 for intermittent heating) ; 2 for continuous heating.), then look at the performance parameter map to select the model.

How to choose the immersion steam heating muffler

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