Corn cultivation techniques

1. Seed treatment Use the drought-resistant composite seed coating agent to coat the corn seed, enhance the vitality of the root system and its own stress resistance, and improve the water absorption and retention of the seed. Seed sowing drought before sowing, the corn seed soaked in warm water 20-25 °C two days and nights, remove and dry after sowing, improve drought resistance. Pharmaceutical soaking method also has good effects on drought resistance and seedling maintenance of corn.
2. Site preparation uses straw mulching to reduce the evaporation of water, preserve air-deposited water, and improve soil moisture.
3, sowing according to local conditions, timely sowing.
4. Formulated fertilization Organic fertilizer is added and applied in combination with chemical fertilizer to achieve water transfer by fertilizer, to coordinate water and fertilizer, and to increase water use efficiency.
5. Interplanting in a suitable period, using the characteristics of drought-tolerant maize seedlings during the period of selective wall drought, implementing intercropping with wheat, so that the water requirement law of maize is basically consistent with natural precipitation, and it can basically meet the water demand of corn growth and development.
6. Comprehensive measures for water storage and flood protection Organic fertilizer applied to organic fertilizers to protect wheat fields. Intercropping wheat and wheat in intercropping covers wheat stalks. It plays an important role in saving water and soil moisture and fertility.
7. Strengthen field management, enhance drought resistance, loosen soil, remove weeds, improve soil permeability, increase soil microbial activity, reduce surface water evaporation, reduce surface runoff, promote root growth, and improve drought resistance of maize.
8. Apply new technologies to enhance drought resistance of maize

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