Whitefield Management Technology

1. Reasonable fertilization Because of the long growth period, the plant is tall and needs more fertilizer. It is a kind of fertilizer-resistant crop. It requires the basic fertilizer to be sufficient, and the top dressing should be timely. Basal fertilizer: Each mu (the same below) applies human manure 35-40 cadmium, or 50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and 40 kg of calcium phosphate, mix thoroughly with soil preparation. Dressing: 10 to 15 days after the application of topdressing a "improve Miao Fei", apply urine 8-10 Tam or 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and superphosphate 10 kg, but pay attention to when applying ammonium bicarbonate in the cloudy afternoon About 0.2 centimeters of seedlings are spreaded to prevent seedlings from burning. One month after planting, they are topped off again with a “pumping manure”, applying 20-25 tons of urine or 10-15 kilograms of urea to promote early delivery and early pregnancy. Topdressing a "pregnant manure", this time fertilization to grasp timely, applied too early plant greed, too late to affect pregnancy, general mastery of field has 80% of the planting was flat, see the application of swelling Requires Mu Shi human excrement 30-35 Tam or urea 15 kg.

2. Scientific irrigation should determine the depth of irrigation according to the different growth stages of the peony. After planting, 0.3 cm of shallow water is used to promote growth. With the growth of the seedlings, the water layer is gradually deepened. 0.5-0.7 cm of water is kept before delivery, and 1-1.3 cm of water is kept in the late part of the tiller to control invalid tillering. To deepen to 1.7-2 cm, to promote white meat fat and tender.

3, cultivating the leaves from the time of planting to seal the line to carry out the second cultivator weeding and a stripping. Stripping leaves is mainly stripping old leaves on plants, yellow leaves and diseased leaves. Weeding and weeding were carried out two and a half months after planting to eliminate weeds by loosening the soil.

4. Pest Control Pest control: There are mainly three diseases: leaf embroider disease, ticks, aphids, and white wax moths from June to July due to high temperature and high humidity. 0.2 degrees of lime sulfur + new high-fat film 800 times or diuretic 0.5% + new high-fat film 800 times jet. Aphids, aphids, and white ash can be used to control 80% of the trichlorfon 100g + dimethoate 100g watered 75 kg + 800 times the new high-fat membrane spray.

5, timely harvesting and harvesting standards are in the three outer leaves long Qi, heart short contraction, pregnancies part of the expansion, leaf sheath separated by cohesion, and exposed white fat, you can harvest listed. Be careful when harvesting after the first harvest, and do not step on the neighboring cubs. After the first harvest, it is necessary to top-up one-time quick-release fertilizer to promote the development of the second crop and increase the yield.

The Infrared Thermometer is designed for measuring the human body forehead temperature reference. It is very simple and convenient to use. Accurate temperature measurement in 1 second, no laser spot, avoid potential damage to eyes, no need to touch human skin, avoid cross infection, one-click temperature measurement, and check for flu. It is suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, large enterprises and institutions, and can also be used in hospitals, schools, customs, airports and other comprehensive places, and can also be provided to medical personnel for use in clinics.
The normal body temperature of the human body averages between 36 ~ 37 ℃), exceeding 37.1 ℃ means fever, 37.3_38 ℃ is low fever, and 38.1_40 ℃ is high fever. Life above 40 ° C is always dangerous.
1. Human body temperature measurement: accurate measurement of human body temperature, replacing traditional mercury thermometers. Women who want to have a child can use an infrared thermometer (frontal temperature gun) to monitor the basal body temperature at any time, record the body temperature during ovulation, and choose the right time to conceive, and can also measure the temperature to judge pregnancy.
Of course, the most important thing is to observe whether your body temperature is abnormal at any time, to avoid flu infection, and to prevent swine flu.
2. Skin temperature measurement: To measure the surface temperature of the human skin, for example, it can be used for amputation and re-implantation surgery.
3. Object temperature measurement: To measure the surface temperature of an object, for example, it can be used to measure the temperature of the surface of a tea cup.
4. Liquid temperature measurement: measure the temperature of the liquid, such as the temperature of the baby's bath water. When the baby takes a bath, measure the water temperature, and no longer worry about being cold or hot; you can also measure the water temperature of the milk bottle to facilitate the preparation of Baby's milk powder
5. Room temperature can be measured:
1. Please read the instructions carefully before the measurement, and the forehead should be kept dry, and the hair should not cover the forehead (please carry out the measurement in the environment of 10 ℃ -40 ℃) to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
2. The forehead temperature quickly measured by this product is for reference only, and should not be used as a basis for medical judgment. If you find abnormal body temperature, please use a medical thermometer for further measurement.
3. Please protect the sensing lens and clean it in time. If the change of the ambient temperature is too large, you need to place the measuring instrument in the environment to be measured for 20 minutes, wait for it to adapt to the ambient temperature, and then use it to measure more accurate values.

Infrared Thermometer

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