High-yield layer hens in winter should do "five things"

Firstly, we must reasonably arrange the peak period of laying hens laying at 28 to 35 weeks of age, and the egg production rate can reach 85% or more. During this period, the laying hens have the best physiology, and they must use this effectively. A precious period. In order to arrange the peak period of egg production in the winter, it is necessary to change the early spring brooding to a brooding period from May to June. At this time, the temperature gradually rises, the survival rate of brooding is high, and the peak period of egg production is just in winter.
Second, to maintain a suitable indoor environment only to create a suitable environment for chickens, in order to make it have a higher egg production rate in the winter. The first is the temperature. The most suitable ambient temperature for laying hens is 13-21°C. When the shepherd's temperature is lower than 8°C, the egg production rate and feed conversion ratio are significantly reduced. The way to maintain the indoor temperature is to get walls, doors, windows and ceilings. The north side of the window is nailed with plastic sheeting to prevent the cold wind from blowing in. It is also possible to heat the stove or build a fire wall to increase the temperature so that the temperature inside the home stays above 13°C. The second is the humidity. The relative humidity in the house should not exceed 60%. For this reason, the chicken manure under the cage should be cleaned regularly, and some ash is often laid to absorb moisture. The third is ventilation. While emphasizing insulation, ventilation should not be neglected to ensure that the air in the house is fresh. At the sunny day, the south window is opened for 10 minutes to discharge dirty air.
Third, we must adjust the formula of feed in cold weather in winter, we must appropriately increase the proportion of energy feed, but also according to the different laying rate of laying hens timely adjustment of feed formulations to meet the requirements of egg production. Suitable for winter use egg production rate of about 80% of the formula are: corn 65%, bran 3%, 17.20% bean cake, loquat powder 2%, fish meal 2.50%, blood meal 4.80%, bone meal 2%, shell powder 4.50% . The crude protein content of the formula is 16.80%, the metabolic energy is 11.49 MJ/kg, the calcium is 3.20%, and the phosphorus is 0.60%. The egg can be more suitable. Feed 3-4 times a day, feed dry powder, drink the same clean water as Sherwin, and pay attention to grit.
Fourth, the amount of water that can be reasonably bred for water broilers depends on the temperature and the type of feed. Generally speaking, the amount of water consumed by the chicken when feeding dry material is about twice the amount of feed intake. If drinking water for 36 consecutive hours does not affect the egg production of the hen until the end of production, the drinking water of the laying hens must be guaranteed. Drinking warm water in the winter can prevent chickens from getting cold in the gastrointestinal tract and maintain body heat.
Fifth, to meet the lighting requirements during the breeding period, the lighting time is generally maintained at about 8 hours per day. For the broiler chickens that are arranged at the peak of the laying season in the winter, attention should be paid to supplementing the natural lighting with artificial light in the later period. At 21 weeks of age, the light is extended for one hour per week, and the light is guaranteed for 14 hours per day when it reaches 26 weeks of age. Practice has shown that laying hens have 14 hours of light per day to meet the needs of peak egg production. Be sure to switch light on time when filling light, otherwise it will disturb the response of the layer to light stimulation. The lamp can be installed at a height of 1.80-2 meters from the ground, the distance between the lamp and the lamp is equal, 40 watt bulbs, the lamp spacing is about 3 meters (if it is 1.5 meters, a 25 watt bulb should be replaced). One 40-watt bulb per 18-20 square meters is sufficient. Supplemental lighting should only be extended gradually and cannot be shortened.

Single Dome Halogen Operating Light belongs to full refelection Operation Theatre Lights . 



1.The halogen reflective shadowless lamp is widely used in various operation lighting occasions in hospital and clinics. 

2. Full close streamline lamp-body design of the halogen operation theatre light completely meets the demand of the sterilization and high standard of laminar flow purification in operation room.

3. Adopting more than 5280 slices of reflection mirror, guaranteeing 1200 mm lighting depth.

4. Lighting color of the Single Dome Halogen Operating Light is close to natural sunlight and helps the doctor to operate surger clearly and accurately.

5. The back-up bulb will start work within 0.2 seconds automatically in case the main battery is dead, ensuring the continuation of surgical operation. There`s failure indication in the handle control panel to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.

6. The detachable handle jacket can be used for high temperature (≤134℃) sterilized.

7. Digital-control circuit offers many functions, with 10 segment brightness selection  stepless lighting regulation, brightness memory, low voltage

start-up and power on self test etc.

8. The life-span of OSRAM halogen bulb is up to 1500 hours. The bulbs can be changed easily.

9. High thermostability Germany ORSAM  lamp socket.

10.Balance arm can be optional Germany imported or domestic.

11. mould Die-casting Eight edge type Revolving arm.

Types of the lamp domes have 500mm diameter dome and 700mm diameter dome for Choice

Installation way: Ceilling installation type and floor standing type for Choice


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