The new method for cutting down the use of bulls

After the bull was castrated, the animal was docile, convenient for feeding and management, and quicker and better. It is best to use bulls for cutting in spring.

Practice has proved that when the adult calf (castle of 6~9 months of age) is mature, the bones are not thick enough, the individual is small, and the serviceability is poor. The bull that has castrated too late can already breed the cow. It will affect the selection and selection of wild animals, and the phenomenon of out-of-order wild matching will cause the quality of offspring cattle to decline. In order to solve this problem, artificial cryptorchidism can be induced.

Artificially induced cryptorchidism is a disguised cutting technique. This method can make the bull lose its fertility, but it can still produce the male hormone testosterone, which is beneficial to maintaining male growth and development and adult weight. Method of operation: forced the testicles in the scrotum to rise into the abdominal cavity, and use a rubber band to tighten the upper end of the scrotum, so that the testis can not fall. As a result of this, the testicles, due to the high temperature in the abdominal cavity, lose the ability to produce normal sperm and thus play a role in castration. The surgery can be performed one month after birth.

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