Zhongnong 106 Cucumber

Characteristics Zhongnong 106 is a new cucumber variety newly introduced by the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The variety is medium-maturing and mainly dominated by vine-bearing melon, and the plant growth is strong. Melon color dark green, about 35 cm long melon, stab tumor dense, white thorns, small tumor, no edges, less lines, crisp and sweet taste, melons, high commodity rates, good quality, good yield. Resistance to downy mildew, powdery mildew, virus disease and other diseases. Heat-resistant, suitable for open cultivation in spring, summer and autumn.

The main points of cultivation are about 100 grams of seedlings for seeding and about 150 grams of live broadcast. In summer and autumn, in order to increase the yield in the early stage, it can be sprayed with 1 to 2 times of guarana at the seedling stage. Before the planting, apply the base fertilizer. After the roots are sitting, timely apply the fertilizer. Apply organic fertilizer and biological bacteria fertilizer. About 3,500 plants are planted per acre. The base lateral branch was destroyed, and the middle and upper side branches left the tip of the 2 leaves after the melon. Commodity melon should be harvested in time.

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