How to extract sample miRNAs (microRNAs) from different sources?

How to extract sample miRNAs (microRNAs) from different sources?
How to extract small miRNAs (microRNAs), all major biotechnology companies have launched their own kits, domestic well-known nucleic acid purification company Baitek has launched a series of miRNA (microRNA) extraction with its own unique technology for different sources of samples. Kit!
Successful extraction of miRNAs (microRNAs) relies on the full cleavage and release of nucleic acids in the sample. Is there a kit that can be used for all samples? The answer is no! The miRNA (microRNA) kit currently on the market is mainly directed to the tissues of cultured cells and animals. Serum, paraffin-embedded tissues, small RNAs of polysaccharide polyphenol plants, etc. are difficult to extract due to the particularity of the sample itself. Baitek uses its own new technologies developed in the separation and purification of nucleic acids to provide targeted products for scientific research users. . We explored the extraction methods of miRNAs (microRNAs) from different types of samples.
1. Cultured cells and animal tissues: The earliest kits for this type of sample were introduced by Ambion, using cesium salt cracking, adding phenol extraction, chloroform stratification, and extracting large RNA and small by two adsorption columns. RNA; Biotech's RP5301 is an upgraded version of this method. The strontium salt and phenol are mixed in a suitable ratio. The mixed reagent not only improves the cracking effect, but also the phenol in the mixture is less prone to deterioration, and saves operation. Time and steps.
2, whole blood, serum: Baitek's whole blood total RNA has been well received by users. Similarly, RP5301 using direct lysis method to extract whole blood and serum miRNA (microRNA) shows better stability than other methods.
3, paraffin tissue: extraction of miRNA (microRNA) from paraffin tissue is more difficult, only a dedicated kit can be well extracted, the kit RP5311 contains dewaxing steps and related reagents, can help customers quickly extract miRNA (microRNA) in paraffin tissue.
4, polysaccharide polyphenol plants: a variety of plant types, especially polysaccharide polyphenol plants are more difficult to extract! The general lysate can neither remove the polysaccharide nor remove the polyphenol, so the plant of the polysaccharide polyphenol cannot be extracted well. By using its leading technology in RNA extraction of polysaccharide polyphenols, Biotech is the first to develop a special plant miRNA (microRNA) extraction kit RP5331, which should be the only miRNA (microRNA) extraction kit for plant samples on the market. Take a detour when you extract miRNAs (microRNAs)!
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Nucleic Acids Res IF6.88 Conservation and divergence of microRNAs and their
Functions in Euphorbiaceous plants
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