Greenhouse vegetables can not be blindly applied organic fertilizer

In the production of plastic greenhouses, the following problems should be taken into account when applying organic fertilizers:

The first is to control the amount of organic fertilizer, and with a suitable amount of fast-acting fertilizer. It is generally advisable to apply 5-7 tons of chicken manure or 6-8 tons of manure, such as pigs and cattle, per acre per year in greenhouses, with more greenhouses being appropriate, and greenhouses planted for more than five years should be reduced in consumption. For sandy soils with lower organic matter content, saline-alkali soil, white pulp soil and chernozem, etc., there are more suitable black soils and meadow soils with higher organic matter content.

Second, organic fertilizers must be fully cooked and it is forbidden to use organic fertilizers that are not sufficiently mature. Fresh livestock excrement contains pathogens and parasites and should not be used directly. Generally, it should be composted to kill various germs, eggs and other hybrid seeds during fermentation and decomposing, and the organic matter in the fertilizer can be gradually decomposed into The various nutrients that plants can absorb.

Third, the application of organic fertilizers should be diversified as much as possible to avoid the single application of organic fertilizers for many years and the application of some biological fertilizers.

The fourth is to use fermented biogas fertilizer. Biogas fermentation is the use of human and animal waste, urine, crop straw, grass, agricultural waste, domestic sewage and other organic matter, and is isolated from air and a certain temperature, moisture, pH, and other conditions, through a variety of microorganisms common anaerobic decomposition results. The use of biogas fermented fertilizer in pollution-free vegetable fields requires a sealed storage period of more than 30 days, high-temperature biogas fermentation temperature of about 53 °C for 2 days. There is no detritus in the use of feces, and there is no live earthworms, cockroaches, or new feathered congeals around the pool. The digester residue can be used after being detoxified.

Fifth, there are many benefits of using chemical fertilizers and farmyard fertilizers. Fertilizers are characterized by high nutrient content, rapid fertilizer efficiency, and short duration. Single nutrient, farmer's manure is a complete fertilizer, nutrient content is low and fertilizer effect is slow and long lasting. Therefore, both can be used to make up for weaknesses.

The production of pollution-free vegetables has become an imperative for agricultural production. In addition to paying attention to fertilizer application, measures should be taken to prevent and control diseases and insect pests. Bio-pesticides should be used, combined with low-toxicity, low-residue chemical pesticides. Let people really eat safe pollution-free vegetables.

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