Soil Management in Hawthorn Park

It is one of the important measures in the production technology of hawthorn tree. Usually in the fall, combined with deep fertilization for fertilization, deep plowing and combined application of organic fertilizer soil, deep soil layer, enhanced soil water permeability and water retention and fertility, promote soil microbial activity, improve soil fertility. Deepening thicken the living soil layer, creating a good environment for root growth. At the same time, the deep fall in autumn can turn the wintering pests in the soil to the surface and freeze them to death in winter, which reduces the number of pest wintering bases. 1 In the flat hills, whether it is heavy soil or sandy loose soil, it must be deep-rooted. Deep-thick viscous soil, organic fertilizer, crop straw or sandy soil can make the soil loose and conducive to the growth of roots. The light sandy soil is poor in fertility, and through deep plowing and the addition of good soil and organic fertilizer can increase soil fertility and gradually improve it as a high-yielding garden soil. 2 hillside mountain garden. Even if the planting hole has been dug beforehand as required, the tree holes should be deepened and expanded every year with the growth of hawthorn. From the first 2-3 years after planting, before the 5-6 year old canopy trees of Hawthorn were planted in the garden, the garden area was deeply turned over to loosen the soil in the garden.

Tree trays, grass trays and grass trays have the following advantages: Tree trays cover grass to prevent soil erosion, reduce surface evaporation, regulate ground temperature, increase soil organic matter, and other good effects. With the increase of crop yield, increase of straw, and improvement of energy supply in rural areas, grass-covering for orchards will gradually increase. In the early spring, the grass-covered grassland recovered slowly. The initial grass-covering or thickening of grass layers should begin in the middle and late May after the ground temperature rises, until the soil is frozen and can be covered with grass at any time. The source of grass-covering material can be solved by using green manure in the garden. In addition, all kinds of weeds, rice straw, wheat straw, leaves, and rough manure inside and outside the garden are good covering materials. Grass cover thickness is generally 15-20 cm, more in the first year, later reduced. Grass cover should pay attention to the application of nitrogen fertilizer to maintain the balance of soil mineral nutrients.

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