Analysis of the market prospect of meat snakes

According to relevant data, from 1998 to the present, the sales of meat snakes in various parts of the country have been increasing year by year. The yearly increasing rate is above 10%, and the prices have also increased year by year, with an average increase of around 15%.

Due to the large body meat of the snake, its meat is delicious and fresh, and it has extremely high nutritional and health care value. It is a delicacy for guests and guests at home. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and level, more and more consumers prefer snake meat, which in turn drove the sales of meat snakes to increase substantially. Snake meat consumption in major cities in China has risen sharply. Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Beijing, Chongqing, Kunming, Sanya, Chengdu, Qingdao, Harbin, and Hong Kong are the larger consumer markets for snake meat in China. Among them, the monthly sales of the Guangzhou market reached more than 600 tons, the monthly sales of the Hong Kong market reached 100 tons, the monthly sales of Shenzhen and Shanghai were all over 30 tons, and the monthly sales of Qingdao, Harbin, Beijing, and Yiwu markets were more than 10 tons. . There are as many as 30 species of snake meat on the market, with different prices. Among them, there are cheap water snakes and yellow snakes, and the highest prices are Wangjin snakes and water snakes. Since meat snakes meet the needs of different consumer groups, the sales volume has greatly increased and become the new darling of the snake market.

The industry’s main reasons for the increase in the price of snake meat for meat use their views: The market consumption has increased substantially, the export volume has been increasing, and the state has strictly stopped the hunting and killing of wild and rare snakes, while domestic artificial snakes started late. There is no large scale of farming, which is the direct cause of the market gap. The medicinal and processing of snake gall

Snake gall bladder has been a precious medicinal material since ancient times and is widely used in clinical or folk medicine. The reason why snake gallbladder is regarded as a precious Chinese medicine is because it has excellent medical value, it can search the wind to wet, cool eyesight, cough and phlegm. Clinically used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, eye blush, cough, sputum, child convulsions, hemiplegia, redness, acne swelling, various corneal diseases, etc., have a good effect, there is the traditional folk medicine diet snake gall to cure stomach problems .

The color of the snake gall is mostly green and blue, and the yellowish or orange is generally called "water gallbladder." It is usually not used as medicine. There are also individual species such as black snake gall bladder. Although it is normally orange or reddish when it is caught from the wild, it will turn dark green after artificial breeding. In terms of the quality of snake gall, snakes are generally the best in winter, followed by late autumn and early summer. In order to obtain a snake with good quality, the live snake must be hungry for about 7-10 days before it is taken. Because snakes do not eat anything, the accumulation of bile is the strongest and most abundant. Ventilation in the shade, fresh bile should not be placed too long.

The specific processing method of snake gallbladder is as follows:

Snake wine: Generally used fresh bile. After removing the snake, remove the snake gallbladder, wash it with water to make blood stains, dip it in a small amount of wine for about five minutes, and place it in a bottle that has been prepared for a long time. Food liquor with a degree of alcoholicity above 50 degrees, generally put 1 to 2 snake gallbladders Three snake gallbladders should be put in different varieties, three snake gallbladder, and five snake gallbladder wines should be put in five different types of snake gallbladder.

Snake bile wine: Take 1-2 pieces of fresh bile and cut it into 500 ml of white spirits above 50 degrees. Normally it is now brewed. It is suitable for snake restaurants and hotels. It can also squeeze fresh bile into the wine. Drink directly in the cup.

Snake bladder vacuum drying powder: The obtained fresh bile is placed in a vacuum desiccator and vacuumed to make it dry. The resulting green-yellow crystalline powder is not ready to serve and is bottled or bagged for use.

Snake bile pills: Snake bile with replenishing Chinese medicine pills, such as "Snake gall bladder pill" and so on.

Another snake gall bladder combined with Chinese medicine Chuanbei as "Shedan Chuanbei liquid", together with the end of Chen Pi as "Snake Bile Chenpi" and so are commonly used Chinese medicine popular with patients.

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