High-yielding garlic fertilizer

Garlic is a thiophilic crop. Allicin is mainly a dithio compound. Most of the garlic protein contains sulfur, sulfur has an important role in improving the quality of garlic. At the same time, studies have shown that the nitrogen and sulfur absorbed by plants can be most effective only when the N/S of the fertilizer is close to the optimum value. Garlic N/S is generally 12/1. The utilization rate of sulfur in northern calcareous soil is 2% to 3%, and it is easily fixed as calcium sulfate, and the nitrogen utilization rate is 30% to 35%. The best N/S is 4/5. Sulfur is not reusable in garlic, and sulfur must be added in the middle of growth to maximize the effect of fertilizer production. The selection of suitable sulfur-containing fertilizers in production is the key to high yield. According to the trial application of 40% nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers (nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers contain N≥17.5%, S≥22.5%. The long and effective fertilizers are complementary, and the contained fulvic acid promotes the growth of garlic roots, improves disease resistance and fertilizer utilization and eliminates Soil compaction plays an important role, and it can promote, cultivate roots, prevent the premature decline of garlic, increase production and commercial quality, and cultivate fertility. It will be the best choice to meet the demand of garlic. The specific fertilization method is:

Return to green fertilizer supplements: garlic, see the rain, snow, rain and snow, 40% of nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer 15 to 20 kg.

Seedling fertilizer application: In early April (before and after Ching Ming Festival), 40% nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer is applied to 30-40 kg to meet the demand of nitrogen and sulfur for vigorous growth of garlic.

Dissolving fat application method: When garlic sprouts are exposed, the sulfur-containing high-nitrogen and high-potassium fertilizers are 15-20 kg to accelerate the expansion of garlic.

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