Shatian pomelo harvest and cultivation techniques

The timely harvest period of Shatian pomelo in South China is generally from "frost" to "winter", that is, from late October to early November. At this time Shatian pomelo has matured, into the mature period of Shatian pomelo, its peel golden smooth, taste sweet and sweet fragrance, texture crisp slag, excellent flavor, and resistance to storage and transport. The fruit's solids concentration as high as 12% -16%, whole sugar 12% -14.5%, acid content is only 0.4% -0.7%, sugar acid ratio up to 25 -32, vitamin C100-130 mg / 100 ml, can be described as shape Beauty and good quality.

Harvest index:

The fruit harvesting period is based on the fruit ripening period. Only the fruits entering the mature period can fully reflect the inherent characteristics of the varieties. The signs of maturation mainly refer to the fruit juice enriched in juice, the accumulation of sugar, the decrease of acid amount, and the increase of fruit weight. On the outside, the skin changes from green to light green, from light green to orange. At the same time as the skin coloring, the chemical composition in the juice rapidly changes, the nutrients in the fruit gradually accumulate, and the content of soluble solids in the fruit gradually increases.

Shatian Pomelo consumes a large amount of nutrients after production, and timely scientific fertilization after harvesting, which is conducive to rapid restoration of tree vigor, increased nutrient accumulation, enhanced tree body, robust branch shoots, ensuring the safety of old leaves for winter, promoting flower bud differentiation, and high yield and quality for the next year. Lay the foundation.

First, the principle of fertilization: The main organic fertilizer, supplemented by inorganic fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium combined.

Second, the amount of fertilization: According to the age of trees, tree vigor, soil conditions, the amount of results and so on. A weak tree, a tree with more results, and a lower fertility in the soil can be given more. Some trees that are vegetatively vigorous, those that are put into operation, and those that are fertile are less attractive. General strains are used to produce 60-80 kilograms of pig manure, 4-6 kilograms of cake fertilizer, 2-3 kilograms of compound fertilizer for fruit trees, 2-3 kilograms of phosphate fertilizer and bone meal, 50-80 kilograms of fire soil, and 30-50 kilograms of weeds. Boron deficiency can add 60-80 grams of borax, magnesium deficiency can add 40-80 grams of magnesium sulfate and organic fertilizer mixed under. For example, if the yield is particularly high or the tree vigor is significantly degraded in the later period, the quick-acting fertilizer should be applied 1 time after harvest, and the rainbow-brand high-concentration fruit tree special fertilizer (N:P:K:23:9:18) 0.2-0.3 kg can be added. Manure water 20-30 kg.

Third, the fertilization method: the combination of soil fertilization and foliar fertilizer can be combined with soil and root groups to update. The fertilizing position is located at the outer part of the canopy drip line, and the fertilizer is generally applied in the form of a ditch, a burrow or a radial fertilization, the fertilizer is mixed with the topsoil and mixed in layers, the coarse fertilizer is placed on the bottom, the fertilizer is placed on the top layer, and the soil is applied after the application. The lack of boron, magnesium and other nutrients in the tree can be treated with leaf fertilizer. Acidic soil can be applied to lime 0.3-0.6 kg, alkaline soil can be applied to gypsum, improve soil pH, so that the soil environment suitable for the growth of Shatian pomelo.

Fourth, fertilization time: 6-18 days after fruit picking, choose sunny, in case of rain, can be timely after sunny. If it rains for a long time, it can be sprinkled with fertilizing material around the root and crown when it rains, and it will be loosened immediately after it is sunny.

V. Precautions: The applied organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed, and be mixed with the soil during application to increase the fertilizer utilization and avoid burning the roots. In addition, regardless of the method used to fertilize, should be covered with liquid fertilizer after infiltration.

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