How to determine the lack of crops fertilizer

In the process of growing crops, if reasonable fertilization can be achieved, both the high quality and high yield of crops can be achieved, and fertilizer can be saved. So, how can we correctly determine the lack of fertilizer in crops?

1. Sentencing of crop nitrogen deficiency fertilizers. The main manifestations of nitrogen deficiency in crops are: thin and short shoots, small upright leaves, grayish green color, petiole, veins, and surface reddening; small fruit, early fruits, easy shedding, imperfect root development, and fine roots , big roots, new roots yellow.

2. The determination of phosphate deficiency in crops. The main performance of crops in phosphate-deficient fertilizers is relatively complex, and their performance varies from crop to crop.

When the corn lacks phosphate fertilizer, it will show slow growth at the seedling stage, symptoms after 5 leaves are more obvious, the leaves are purple, and the grain is not full.

When wheat is deficient in phosphate fertilizer, it is characterized by slow growth of seedlings, poor root development, and reduced tillering. The base of the stem is purple, and the leaves are dark green, purplish, and small in number.

3, determine the lack of potassium fertilizer crops. In the absence of potassium fertilizer in crops, the tip of the lower leaves will yellow at first and gradually yellow along the edge of the leaves, but the veins on both sides of the leaves and the midribs will still maintain the original green color. When severe, it will gradually develop upwards from the lower leaves, eventually causing most of the leaves to yellow and the edges of the leaves to be fiery. Cereal crops will result in weakening of tillering power, short internodes, weak and sagging leaves, and soft and easy lodging of stems. The dicotyledonous plants will cause the leaves to curl, gradually shrink, and sometimes the leaves will be incomplete, but the middle of the leaves will remain green. Root crops cause root weight to decline and quality is poor.

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