Never avoid blind farming in autumn

Organic fertilizers include all substances other than chemical fertilizers that can be used as fertilizers. They are usually human and animal manure, crop straws, and green manures. Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrients and a long-lasting and balanced fertilizer effect. It can not only improve soil structure, improve soil fertility, and promote the release of soil nutrients, but also can supply crop nutrients. This is especially important for the development of organic agriculture, green agriculture, and pollution-free agriculture. However, there are many types of organic fertilizers and their functions vary. Organic fertilizers must also be applied scientifically in the autumn season, and should not be blindly fertilized. In the application should pay attention to the following points:

First, the nutrients contained in organic fertilizer are not omnipotent. Organic fertilizers contain many types of nutrients, which is an advantage compared to single nutrient fertilizers. However, the nutrients contained in the organic fertilizers are not balanced and cannot meet the needs of high yields and quality of crops. In the application of organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers should be formulated according to the requirements of the crops on nutrients. Even the farms that produce green foods should be given mineral fertilizers and various foliar fertilizers should be applied during the growth of the crops. Just as there is no panacea in the world, there is no universal organic fertilizer.

Second, the decomposition of organic fertilizer is slower and the fertilizer effect is late. Although organic fertilizer has a full content of nutrients, its content is low, and its decomposition in the soil is slow. Under the condition that organic fertilizer is not used in large amounts, it is difficult to meet the needs of crops for nutrient elements. The content of nutrients in chemical fertilizers is high and the fertilizer effect is rapid. Specific supplements can be made according to the amount of crops needed, but the effect of fertilizers is short. The combination of organic manure and chemical fertilizer can make full use of their advantages to meet the needs of crops for various nutrient elements in quantity and time. In order to obtain high yields, a certain amount of chemical fertilizers should be pursued, so that the combination of slow speeds can be achieved.

Third, the organic fertilizer needs to be fermented. Many organic fertilizers contain germs, eggs, and weed seeds. Some organic fertilizers have organic compounds that are unfavorable to crop growth. Therefore, they must be subjected to stacking, fermentation, and processing before they can be applied.

Fourth, the use of organic fertilizer taboo. Decomposed organic fertilizers should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers. If they are mixed with alkaline fertilizers, they will cause the volatilization of ammonia and reduce the nutrient content of organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer contains more organic matter and should not be mixed with nitrate ammonia fertilizer.

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