Tieling lettuce cultivation technology in Liaoning

Lettuce seedlings need 16-20 grams.

Before sowing, we made a flat 1 meter wide. The seedbed is poured into the bottom water, soaked with water and sowed. Sprinkle 0.5 cm of fine soil to cover. Generally, the seeding rate per square meter of seedbed is 10 g. The cover film is moistened, and the plastic film is peeled off after 3-5 days of emergence.

The seedling temperature is controlled at 18°C-20°C, and the seedling growth is unfavorable when the temperature exceeds 15°C at night.

When the seedling grows a true leaf, it can be divided by 6-8 cm. Whole seedlings should be prevented from high temperatures resulting in fine tall plantlets and rigid seedlings of short cotyledonary hypocotyls formed under drought conditions.

Lettuce seedling age 25 days or so, 4-6 true leaves can be planted when the spacing of 1418 cm.

The daytime temperature should be controlled between 12°C and 22°C, and the temperature should be kept low. When the temperature is higher than 24°C, it should be ventilated and cooled.

Lettuce need more fertilizer, should be applied and more fertilization, 5-6 days after planting a small amount of available nitrogen fertilizer, 15-20 days after every 667 square meters of compound fertilizer 15-20kg, 25-30 days after the compound fertilizer 10-15kg.

After planting, the amount of water required is large, and the water should be watered in a timely manner according to the weather after the seedlings are soaked and the soil moistened. The watering should be performed once every 5-7 days. Watering in the middle and later periods should not be excessive.

Generally 30 days after sowing can be sold, do not have to wait until the big tree, per mu yield of 1000 - 1500 kilograms per kilogram, basically a 30-day trip, earning 1,000-3,000 yuan per trip.

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