Leek water lotus flower purple duckweed

Species name: leeks

Scientific name: Nymphoides peltatum

Alias: water lotus, big purple duckweed, water mirror grass, water sunflower

Section: Amaranthaceae

Genera: Viola


Originated from China's northeast, north, northwest, east and southwest regions. Japan, Russia, Iran, India and other countries also have distributions.


Perennial floating herb. The stems are slender, soft and multi-branched, with pods growing, rooting at the nodes, floating on the water or being born in the soil. Leaves alternate, oval, base cracking heart-shaped, shiny green above, purple back, floating in the water. The corymbs are born in leaf axils, corolla funnel-shaped, ca. 1.8 cm in diameter, bright yellow flowers and open on the water.

Fruit oval, no cracking. Most of the seeds are round and flat.


Hi light-rich environment, like fertile soil and shallow or immobile waters. Strong adaptability, cold resistance, heat resistance, and easy management.


For greening and beautifying the water surface.

Roots are edible. The whole plant is a hot diuretic. The morphology and habits of leeks and vegetables are very similar. The difference is the color of the flowers and the shape of the leaves. The leeks are golden flowers, and the q flowers are dark purple. All of them can be used as vegetables to cook soups. They are soft, smooth and tender. In ancient times, they were delicacies.

In the Jin Dynasty, Zhang Han's thought of “West Wind?q鲈”, half of the thoughts are the q dishes. Xin Qiji' autumn evening? q 鲈 Jiang, night in front of children's lights. 'I also write homesickness. Jiang Baishi's 'double sculls, q waves, a turbulent rain, and a vast expanse of vacant land' are all part of the sensation of the smoky waves of Jiangnan Shuize.

Amaranth, yes, that is, the right and left-flowing enthusiasm for leeks in the Book of Songs.

The leeks lying in the poems of the poems are often simply commented that a kind of aquatic plant is edible.

The leeks seem to look roughly different from the water lilies, if they don't look at their flowers.

The "water lily" with yellow lace like a woman's dress is like a leeks.

The leeks and leeks of the genus Amaranth are similar in appearance to the habitats and water lilies, but the flowers they bloom are different. Just as two equally well-dressed people spoke, one delightful one was disgusting. Although the flowers of water lilies are not annoying, they make people feel sacred. On the contrary, the tweed of leeks is small but full of energy. There is a kindness that can be embraced. No wonder the women in the Book of Songs, To take it right and left...

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