The lotus flower orchid is a new flower of the double-colored plum blossom--Sanyuanmei

The orchid petal orchid is an important species in the family of Lanzhou. The lotus flower orchid which is abundant in Yunnan western Yunnan has been widely recognized by the domestic and foreign orchid communities, and it is well known both at home and abroad. Among them, Sanyuanmei, the new flower of Zhenggemei, a multi-colored dragon swallow tongue, was jointly developed by Zhu Li, owner of Zhuhai Flower and Bird Market of Dali City, and Mr. Liu Dianwei, the owner of Glen Valley Pavilion. It was the development of orchids in Dali in recent years. Out of a beautiful blue orchid flower in the petals of orchid petals, it can be described as a beautiful pearl in Dali orchid.

Sanyuanmei is a new species of lotus petal, which is native to Weixi County within the parallel area of ​​Sanjiang River in Yunnan Province. It was later cultivated and promoted by Dali’s owner Jiang Li and Glen Valley’s owner Liu Dianwei. Variety. The orchid leaves 6-7 pieces, leaf length 30-40 cm, leaf width 0.6 cm or so, leaf groove mouth deep mouth, tip with crystal, small buds unearthed red, beautiful plant type, easy cultivation, health. Each spring flowering, each arrow blossoms 2 to 3 flowers, elegant and graceful posture, Huarong upright, three wide outside, narrowing the root, widening in the width, the front angle, the edge of the flap like a spoon-shaped, main lobe Front dive, hold in the side lobe, bone strength is very good, flower guard is better, coloring elegant and pretty, complex color plus crystal trim, holding the petals of male, moderate, semi-hard pockets hold the heart containing nest, tongue swallow tongue The front end is upturned, hard and hard, the tongue edge is split into irregular jags, and the concave surface of the tongue is in a micro-pocket shape, like the tongue of the mythical "dragon". The whole flower buds came out of the frame, the charm of the charm is imposing, the flower is stable, the flower is graceful and the fragrance is fresh. This flower is intriguing, charming and charming, attracting people to say good, is the best of the lotus petals and orchid petals.

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