The principle of raising ducks in fermentation beds Zhang Baoquan, Xia Xia Modern scale ducks, while raising productivity, also brought a lot of livestock and poultry excrement difficult to handle, resulting in serious environmental pollution and food safety issues, urgent need to find A more ideal
Due to the low temperature and rain in spring this year, especially in the stage of mycelium germination, the soil temperature is low and the soil is compacted. Mycelia grows slowly and hardly in the severely oxygen-deficient material, resulting in weak hyphae and anaerobic acidification of the cu
At present, the watermelon in this area has entered the nursery stage, but the fertilization in the growth of watermelon is a little careless, resulting in the emergence of watermelon seedlings. Here are some issues to be noted in the production of watermelon: A bogey single application of a large
Strawberry is a perennial herb that absorbs large amounts of nutrients from the soil. Strawberry fertilization should be based on basal fertilizer, applying about 5,000 kilograms of fertilizer per acre. It should also be combined with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium available fertilizers to mee
Introduction to the working principle of the freezer/chiller 1. Single-stage refrigeration cycle system The single-stage refrigerator is a widely used type of refrigerator, which can be applied to ice making, air conditioning, food refrigeration and industrial produc
Garlic is a thiophilic crop. Allicin is mainly a dithio compound. Most of the garlic protein contains sulfur, sulfur has an important role in improving the quality of garlic. At the same time, studies have shown that the nitrogen and sulfur absorbed by plants can be most effective only when the N/
The timely harvest period of Shatian pomelo in South China is generally from "frost" to "winter", that is, from late October to early November. At this time Shatian pomelo has matured, into the mature period of Shatian pomelo, its peel golden smooth, taste sweet and sweet fragr