1. Seed treatment Use the drought-resistant composite seed coating agent to coat the corn seed, enhance the vitality of the root system and its own stress resistance, and improve the water absorption and retention of the seed. Seed sowing drought before sowing, the corn seed soaked in warm water 20
The selection of seedlings is the key to removing weak seedlings, young seedlings, and diseased seedlings before grafting. The seedbed environment is very important In general, the first 3 to 4 days after grafting of eggplant is the critical period for the healing of the interface. The light, tem
1. Reasonable fertilization Because of the long growth period, the plant is tall and needs more fertilizer. It is a kind of fertilizer-resistant crop. It requires the basic fertilizer to be sufficient, and the top dressing should be timely. Basal fertilizer: Each mu (the same below) applies human
The purpose of feeding pregnant sows is to make them have the right body condition and not be too fat at the time of delivery. Each sow is a different individual and will respond differently to the amount of feed given, although their weights are not much different. Therefore, it is very important
After the bull was castrated, the animal was docile, convenient for feeding and management, and quicker and better. It is best to use bulls for cutting in spring. Practice has proved that when the adult calf (castle of 6~9 months of age) is mature, the bones are not thick enough, the individual i
When the rice transplanter is working, how to ensure the quantity of seedlings, plant spacing, and planting depth is a concern for each user. How to solve these problems? We first look at the regulation of the amount of seedlings. 1, take the adjustment of the amount of seedlings Handle seedling