After the emergence of wheat, affected by natural conditions and cultivation measures, it will form a variety of abnormal color seedlings, which should be managed symptomatically by seedlings. Yellow leaf seedlings are caused by soil drought. They often occur in wheat fields with insufficient soi
Compared with normal sown wheat, late sowing wheat has several significant reproductive characteristics. First, the phenomenon of small seedlings, weak seedlings, prone to single saplings before winter, and second, rapid fertility development in the spring, short differentiation time, and reduced
In the winter and spring season, due to lack of green feed, some breeders add urea to the cattle feed for feeding. This is okay. In order to make everyone master the mechanism of urea feeding cattle and the specific feeding method to better play the role of urea in cattle production, the relevant q
To feed grass deer, the grass is used to grind the corn stalks, bean stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, peanut pods, and dried leaves to feed the deer. The method used to feed grass deer is very simple. Mix 100 kg of grass powder with about 100 kg of hot water. Stir well and pile up high on the con
First, the tomato juice (a) process options - seeding - preheating - beating - ingredients - degassing - homogeneous - cans - sterilization - cooling - finished products. (b) making essential points of choice. Choose ripe mature, strong flavor, bright red color, deep solids can be more than 5%, sug
one. Sliding bearings Stainless steel gear pump plain bearings are made of impregnated graphite, filled PTFE, engineering ceramics, etc. Because engineering ceramics have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, the sliding bearings of stainless
When the seed temperature is high, it should not be stored. Soybean seeds are rich in protein and are easily degraded under high temperature conditions. Therefore, soybean seeds must be stored at low temperature. In particular, soy seeds that have been air-laid must be stored before they can be st