Characteristics Zhongnong 106 is a new cucumber variety newly introduced by the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The variety is medium-maturing and mainly dominated by vine-bearing melon, and the plant growth is strong. Melon color dark green, ab
Although the late sowing wheat has the disadvantages of small pre-winter seedling age and fewer tillers, it is generally good at the bottom of the field and the fertilizer is sufficient, and there is basically no shortage of fertilizer during the jointing period of the green period. If it can be p
Vegetable planting should not only cover the harvest, but also the cost, and finally obtain benefits, provide basis and reference for the future development goals of the planting, reasonable investment, reduce and save costs, improve the purpose of economic efficiency. Cost is the consumption of l
It is one of the important measures in the production technology of hawthorn tree. Usually in the fall, combined with deep fertilization for fertilization, deep plowing and combined application of organic fertilizer soil, deep soil layer, enhanced soil water permeability and water retention and fe
Sweet potatoes have entered the root swelling phase, which is the key period for the formation of yield. If the management is not good, it will cause a significant reduction in production of sweet potatoes. Combining years of production practice, the author concluded a set of post-management exper
First, remove the first flower from each flower or remove the first fruit. Because the first flower of each spike flower is opened earlier, the fruit that sits on the flower grows quickly and is prone to malformation. After sitting, it will also affect the nutrient supply of other flowers. Also, i